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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Introduction Blog

Hi everyone. I figured I'd better start by explaining who I am. My name is Daniel Clarke,I'm 33 years of age and I am a snooker fanatic.I know of certain places where standing up and making a statement like that would be followed by a round of applause and "Welcome Daniel" from those gathered but until  such time as a snooker support group is formed, I've decided to work through my obsession by launching this blog.

For as long as I can remember I have.had an at times unhealthy interest in sport in general and snooker in particular.My earliest memory is as a 7 year old shedding tears as Taylor potted that black ball to beat my hero Steve Davis( something I would repeat as a grown man when Steve defeated Higgins in 2010), Christmas 1985  would see my first 6x3 snooker table arrive and it clear even at that early age that i was never going to make it a snooker player.This of hasn't deterred me from playing the game but my top break of 86 isn't likely to get me through Q School!!

As the years went on I have been lucky enough to witness many great  snookering moments on Tv,(Ronnie's 5 min 147,Williams Respot black Masters, and Jimmy's missed black with one hand on the World trophy to name but a few) and  in person at the Irish Masters in Goffs the highlight of which must surely be a hobbling Alex Higgins raising the roof with a hard fought victory over Hendry in what turned out to be his last professional title.With such a lifetime of memories how could i not love snooker!

I know from looking around the web there are many fine bloggers out there and i am happy to join to your number and look forward to debating snooker issues with fellow like minded individuals.I will be publishing a World Championship preview later so please spread to word of my arrival and give this new kid on the block a dig out.
Thanks for reading,


  1. Congratulations! I've read a few of your posts about the Finals and must say you have a good, clear writing style and I enjoy reading your recollections.

    What I liked best about your Fergal O'Brien interview was how you drew him out to compare the scene for professionals then and now. His comments about his memorable matches were vivid and interesting.

    May I make a suggestion? Try to use the space bar now and again. I realize you're trying to establish a personal style of not putting a space after the punctuation marks, but that convention didn't spring up like mushrooms after a spring rain. There's a reason, and that's clarity. It's just easier to read.

    I've bookmarked you and will continue to read you. You might also add a Blogger gadget to help your readers follow your posts more regularly. Go to Layout>Add a Gadget and choose either Follow by Email or Subscription Links (or both wouldn't hurt). They would help your readers see each of your posts. I don't like to trust my memory on these things, and I'd rather be sure to see every one of your posts. You're too good to ignore.

    Good luck! kenn