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Wednesday, 7 November 2012


The snooker world was rocked yesterday afternoon when World Snooker announced that World Champion Ronnie O Sullivan will not be competing in any tournament for the rest of this season due to personal issues.This followed on from his late withdrawal from last weeks International Championship and raises the very real possibility that we may have seen the last of Ronnie on the professional circuit.

Talk of retirement has been a constant theme throughout his career. I think he first talked about it following his first UK Championship win in 1993 but when he suggested in May following his World Final victory that he intended to take a six month break from the sport this seems to be a far more considered announcement.

The stated reason of "personal Issues" will of course have people speculating as to whats the issues are.Ronnie's battle with depression have been well documented over the years as well as his custody difficulties over his children and his recent battle with glandular fever.but the truth of the matter is it really isn't any of our business.If Ronnie feels what is happening in his personal life at present means he can't currently pursue his professional career in the foreseeable future then we must take him at his word.He certainly doesn't owe any of us any further explanation but is was hardly a coincidence that the documentary he filmed a few months ago aired last night.

Watching it we got an insight into the man behind the public image.In it a seemingly relaxed Ronnie spoke candidly about his life both, the highs and lows.The most interesting aspect of it  perhaps though were his thoughts on his recent World Championship triumph.He spoke of his determination to prove all those who had been writing him off wrong and prove he is the best in the world.He then added tellingly that he considered it chapter over and job done.

So what if this is the end? If it is Ronnie will certainly be almost unique among sport stars in so far as he will have gone out at the top but it goes without saying that all who enjoy seeing our sport played with such ease will greatly miss him.All we can hope is he finds the peace and happiness in his life that he deserves.If he decides for that to happen he must leave snooker behind then so be it.,but if a few month's down the line he has reached the place he wants to be and decides to return to the snooker citcuit both the sport and the fans will welcome him back with open arms.

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