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Sunday, 18 November 2012

Victoria Bulgarian Open PTC

Judd Trump tonight removed the monkey that was John Higgins from his back to finally beat the Scot in a final and claim the inaugural Victoria Bulgarian Open title with a clinical 4-0 win.

This was the third time these two men have met in a final in a matter of a few weeks with Higgins triumphing on both previous occasions,firstly last month in Shanghai and most recently last Wednesday night in Gloucester.That had lead some to suggest he just had the measure of his young opponent when it came to the crunch but tonight proved that to be a flawed theory.

The one thing you need in these short sharp best of seven matches is a good start and that is what Trump got winning the opening frame without Higgins scoring a point.Tump was in first again in the second but broke down.Higgins briefly threatened a fightback but this was halted when he wobbled a red along the cushion  leaving the frame there for the taking and with it his last real chance to make an impact in the match.

Trump was now in full flight and seemed set fair for a maximum attempt in the next only to miss the 12th red with the break on 88.Regardless though this was enough to make it 3-0 and he comfortably won the next to seal his 4-0 win.

This will no doubt have been a very satisfying win  for Judd in light of those recent defeats and showed us all once again that he is a worthy World no.1.He is playing the game at the moment with a air of superiority which should in no way be confused with arrogance but instead shows a young man brimming with confidence.It was also nice to see he how relaxed and comfortable he has become with the post match interviews,another thing that comes with experience.

A great weekend all round then with the enthusiastic and appreciative crowds treated to some top class snooker, the highlight of which for many no doubt will have been Tom Fords 147 break on Friday night.I think its safe to say professional snooker will be returning to Bulgaria again.

For now though we move on and next weekend see's Higgins and Trump involved in the Premier League play offs where they could yet again meet in the final though Messrs Bingham and Robertson will have something to say about that..

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